A bit about me:

My name is Tara King and I am a gifted intuitive, psychic medium, Reiki Master and awakening counselor/teacher, with a passion to help others to heal themselves and awaken to their full potential. I have journeyed deep within myself and as a result, my own health, well-being and intuition have drastically improved in support of my life purpose to help others on this path.  

I channel messages from Spirit, Angels, Fairies, my own higher self and yours. I also enjoy using oracle and tarot cards to confirm my intuition and offer additional insight into your situation. 

Through healing and learning from my own life experiences, I am able to guide you in areas such as spiritual awakening/ascension, overcoming anxiety and physical illness, manifestation and law of attraction advice, love relationships and relationships in general, a holistic approach to wellness, how to care for yourself as a sensitive being, how to care for sensitive children, how to progress on your path and increase your intuition, trauma and abuse recovery, inner child healing and so much more. I have purified myself to such an extent, that I am a very clean vessel, to distribute powerful Divine energies in a safe, knowledgable and effective way. 

Lets shift your energy today and attract what it is that you REALLY want out of life! <3


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